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Our Purpose and Story

Our Purpose is to make people happy.

  • We want to make you happy by giving you a memorable and positive experience.

  • We strive to be a creative, vibrant and responsible member of our community.

  • We want to provide a great place to work that is respectful and allows opportunity for development.

  • We want to build a profitable business to provide a return on investment and ensure the business will be around for decades to come.

Sweet Beginnings 

by Linda Carmichael (Co-Owner, The Mill Fudge Factory)

linda.jpgWhen I was a little girl growing up in Scotland there was never any candy or sweet treats in the home. My parents had lived through the great depression and the rationing of World War II so it was thought a wee bit extravagant to have cakes and biscuits on hand. Sometimes my Dad would suddenly decide we needed a treat and we would descend on the kitchen so that he could make a batch of Scottish tablet, made with sugar, evaporated milk and butter. The best bit for me was always the pot scrapings. I loved it best before it hardened into brittle tablet.

Years later, my son Marty decided he wanted to open a fudge business. I pulled out my Dad's old recipe. It was written in pencil on the inside cover of my mothers cook book. The pencil was faded but we could make out enough to get started. Marty didn't much like the hard tablet either, and so he made batch after batch experimenting to find a 'fudge' that we would both like and feel good about selling. He wanted that irresistible buttery taste of Scottish traditional tablet, but with a softer texture that melted in the mouth. Finally he was satisfied, and the basic “Penuche” fudge we make was created.

Sadly for me, Marty decided to return to Britain not long after we opened our shop, but not before he had taught his step-brother Noah the secrets of fudge making. Since then, Noah has done his own experiments, and the fudge has developed and changed over the years. It is now a little less sweet, and one important change along the way came from our desire to offer a fully natural fudge, with no corn syrup or any artificial flavors or colors. Noah came up with the idea of using honey as a substitute for corn syrup and it worked! 
marty-and-noah.jpgThe flavor I am most proud of, took a year of trial and error till I was finally satisfied with the taste. I can put my hand on my heart and say that you will not find a better or more flavorful Scottish Whisky Fudge anywhere in the world, even in Scotland! Made with Johnny Walker's Red Label. I think Granddad Neil MacAulay Barr would most definitely approve.

As our business takes many twists and turns on the road, and we have to take greater and greater risks to ensure its success, I am reminded of the motto on the MacAulay clan crest, “Dulce Periculum”, Danger is Sweet.