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Fundraising Testimonials

“Thank you to The Mill Fudge Factory for a spur of the moment super successful fundraiser for our school! The Mill fundraiser is so organized and easy to do it’s no surprise that our small school raised a fantastic amount of money in just 2 weeks! They were so generous in sending our school fudge samples which everyone enjoyed “tasting” what they would be buying! They was very supportive and helpful during our fundraiser. We received our fudge exactly the day they said we would, it was distributed to our parents the same day and everyone was happy! Parents are asking when we will be doing this fundraiser again! Very soon I tell them! It was also a huge success as we chose a local business to fundraise with. That’s always a big seller for our school! Thank you again Mill Fudge Factory!!!” - Christine B., Strong Foundations Charter School

“I strongly encourage more organizations to take advantage of this program. The delicious fudge sells itself every year. A fun, easy, and profitable event!" - Lil Furbish, YMCA Saugus, MA Raises over $1000 each campaign

"We truly enjoyed supporting a local / central NHbusiness while raising funds for our group. We also found that the Mill Fudge Factory's good reputation helped sales!" - Team Leader
"The kids enjoyed selling the fudge as it seemed to sell itself! They were so happy to have earned the money so easily." - Trudy Kelly, Parent Advisor

"We appreciate that you have built a company based on an excellent product...The fudge is beloved by my family and all of our friends and families. It is better than our mothers' various fudge recipes!" - Lynn Kilchenstein, Concord NH

"I can't even begin to tell you how thankful I am for everything that you have done. My Grandmother received the Fudge and she was so happy and delighted. At age 98, fudge is her favorite thing. She is enjoying her birthday fudge from The Mill Fudge Factory immensely and says that your fudge is the best that she has ever eaten.”
– Michelle Fortin, Holbrook, MA


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