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Customer Testimonials

What people are saying about our fudge:


"Finally, we found it! The most delicious fudge to sell at our retail store! Everyone who tries it, buys it! We have been placing an order every week since our "busy season" began. The Mill Fudge Factory is a pleasure to work with and their fudge is consistently wonderful!"
-Liz McIntyre, Shopkeeper, Brown & Hopkins Country Store, Chepachet, RI

“My father was the recipient and he said it was FANTASTIC. He's a lifelong fan of fudge, so he knows what he is talking about!
- Milton, MA

 “Your fudge feels more like my grandmother's than any other I've ever tasted.
-Penny, Redondo Beach CA

“I'm so happy to have read about you on Facebook. I LOVE your fudge. Have to ration it out or I'd eat it all at one sitting!”
-Peggy Houdek, Lenox, MA

“We've tried several of the different fudge flavors so far and have loved every one.” 

- The McGinness family Danvers, Ma and Hebron NH.

"This is the fudge for extreme chocolate lovers and those who prefer their sweets, well, a bit less sweet. This classic-style fudge is smooth and filled with flavor, too."
NH Magazine

"So, in your life's travels, you buy the odd bit of fudge from a vendor always hoping it would taste like the fudge Mom or Grandma would make around Christmas time. Its usually always good, but It ain't like Mom used to make. Well this IS the fudge you've been looking for! When I first tasted it, I said "this is my Mom's fudge. Its the best fudge I've had in 30 years." Try some of this fudge and you'll be back to the old days again. Thanks for the Journey!" - JP, Portsmouth, NH

"OH MY GOODNESS! I admit, I was skeptical about buying fudge over  the  internet; I was worried that it might taste 'store bought'. Wow! I'm so glad that I did! You can count on getting another order from me!" - Heidi Pierce, Muskegon, MI 

"Really good addictive fudge!" 
-  Gary Hirshberg, CE-Yo of Stonyfield Farm 

"I can't even begin to tell you how thankful I am for everything that you have done. My Grandmother received the Fudge and she was so happy and delighted. At age 98, fudge is her favorite thing. She is enjoying her birthday fudge from The Mill Fudge Factory immensely and says that your fudge is the best that she has ever eaten.”
– Michelle Fortin, Holbrook, MA 

"The fudge has just arrived in Germany! Wow, it was much faster than I had expected! I've already had a few bites and it's absolutely fantastic :-)" - Karina Weber, Berlin, Germany 

”I cannot thank you enough for adding that wonderful hand-written note along with the fudge I ordered for my father. I wanted my dad to get that same feeling I get when I get flowers at work. It sure made his day. The note you sent made him feel good too. Thank you so very much.” - Wendy Ellis, New River, Arizona 

"My father was the recipient and he said it was FANTASTIC. He's a lifelong fan of fudge, so he knows what he is talking about! I will definitely order from you again."
- Anonymous, Milton, MA

"All I can say is YUM! I will definitely order more of your delicious fudge!"
- Melissa James, North Adams, MA

"I wanted to send a gift of fudge that would taste unique and homemade-- not just some overly sweet lump of paste that we so often end up with. When I saw your website I felt good about your fudge...Well, I sent this to my brother recuperating in the hospital from leg surgery and to my sister for her birthday and then some to us because it looked delicious. Let me tell you my grandmother was dutch and Scottish and made fudge just like this! My brother and sister and I have been bemoaning the fact that no other fudge tasted like hers and we missed it. Your fudge was just what we had been looking for. I was so pleased -- over the moon really. Thank you-- really it is the best fudge I ever had. Your fudge is pure heaven. And thank you for being a great trustworthy company and making my gift giving a joy."
- Ken and Carolyn K, Hampton NH

"We appreciate that you have built a company based on an excellent product...The fudge is beloved by my family and all of our friends and families. It is better than our mothers' various fudge recipes! (I know, hard to believe, Mom"
- Lynn Kilchenstein, Concord NH

"I think the PENUCHE should win a fudge of the world award, seriously. I consider myself to be a fudge connoisseur, and this one wins the prize!"
- Janice Girardi (Bali, Indonesia) (Famous Jewelry Designer) 

We feel honored to have received such positive feedback about our fudge and service and love hearing from you! Have a testimonial you want us to publish? Review our products directly on our site or send us your thoughts by clicking here.