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Ideal Organizations

Suggested Organizations Ideal for Fudge Fundraising

There are many different types of organizations that can benefit from running a fudge fundraising program. Here are just a few:

  • Elementary schools (PTA Leaders, School Secretary, Principal)
  • Middle and High School Groups
  • School Bands (Directors)
  • Chorus/Orchestras
  • Booster Club Leaders
  • Sports Team Coaches
  • Cheer Squad Leader
  • Scholastic groups
  • Classrooms (teachers)
  • Student government organizations (class trips, proms, etc.)
  • Organized Sports Leagues
  • Pop Warner Football Leagues
  • Little League Baseball
  • Youth Soccer Organizations
  • Cheer/Dance Organizations
  • Youth Organizations and Clubs
  • Boy Scouts / Cub Scouts
  • Girl Scouts / Brownies
  • 4-H Groups
  • Junior Achievement Organizations
  • Campfire Boys and Girls
  • Dance teams and dance studios
  • University sororities/fraternities
  • Non-profits and charities
  • Youth groups
  • Relay for Life teams (American Cancer Society)
  • Autism Speaks teams (Autism awareness)
  • Church leaders and youth groups
  • Day care centers
  • Private Pre-schools