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Fundraising FAQ's

How much do I sell the fudge for?

Each box of fudge (1 slice = ~ 8 oz.) sells for $15.
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How much will my organization make from each box sold?

It depends on how many boxes your team sells all together. If the team sells less than 100 boxes, you will raise $6.00 per box. If you sell between 101 and 199 boxes, you will raise $6.75 per box. If your team sells 200+ boxes, you will raise $7.50. 
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When do we receive the funds that are raised?

You will receive a check for the total (40-50%) raised at the same time you receive your fudge on date agreed upon when the campaign was set up.
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What forms of payment are accepted?

When your team collects orders, customers will need to pay with cash or checks. When submitting your organization's order, you must pay by mailing checks or money orders. Do not send cash in the mail. If you are local and are dropping your order off at The Mill Fudge Factory, cash is fine.
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When taking orders, to whom should customer checks be made out?

Please have people make checks payable to the organization you are raising money for. When you send in your order with the money, the organization should make out one check to The Mill Fudge Factory. (If this is a problem for you, speak to us when we set up your campaign and we will find another solution.)
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When mailing a check, to whom should checks be made out?

A check (or number of checks) for 100% of sales will need to be made out to The Mill Fudge Factory and mailed along with fudge order and mailed to: The Mill Fudge Factory, 2 Central Street, Bristol, NH 03222. (Exceptions allowed only if this was agreed to when setting up campaign, see above.)
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How long will it take for my order to arrive?

After payment has been processed, please allow approximately 10 business days for your order to arrive. The exact timeline will have been determined when we register your campaign.
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What are the printing and shipping charges?
There will be no printing charges whatsoever. We will mail the printed materials to you, along with sample fudge for your team to taste, completely for free! Shipping charges for fudge are free wherever we can ship UPS Ground within 3 days, or half off our shipping cost if we need to ship UPS 3 Day Air.
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Is there a minimum order?
No, there is no minimum order. To receive a free box for the top seller however, the order total must be at least 30 boxes.
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I have a question about the fudge. Are there more FAQ’s?

Yes, please visit our online fudge FAQ’s located at:
I have a question that is not listed here, what should I do?

Call 603-744-0405 or email fundraising@themillfudgefactory.com.
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