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The Secret Behind Mill Fudge Factory's Penuche Fudge

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National Penuche Fudge day has come and gone, so now it’s our turn to let you in on a little secret. The standard penuche fudge ingredients are brown sugar, butter and milk, but The Mill Fudge Factory mixes it up a bit. Our decadent secret is the addition of pure honey. The natural sweetener does wonders for our family recipe. So if most people stick to the traditional three ingredients, why do we put honey in our penuche fudge? It’s simple - we deeply care about the fudge we make for you.

Typical commercial penuche fudge contains high fructose corn syrup. Since is high fructose corn syrup is synthesized to be many times sweeter than sugar, it is a cheaper way to sweeten candy. Besides the health controversy surrounding corn syrup, it also tends to give fudge a super-sweet after taste that turns many people off of eating fudge altogether. What a shame! It also can give fudge a “bouncy” texture that tastes like sweet play-dough. No thank you!

Instead of serving you artificially sweetened play-dough and call it penuche fudge, we discovered that the natural sweetness from honey is just the right amount for our taste buds. Not to mention the thick honey keeps a nice texture for our penuche fudge. The honey is not as sweet as corn syrup, but it still serves to bind the fudge together nicely, without any strange after-taste or texture. The honey provides a rich and satisfying finish to the fudge flavor, and just the right balanced texture.

We buy our honey from a local apiary in Southern New Hampshire. Bees are also important to support the local ecology and food system, and buying honey supports the bees! So if you buy The Mill Fudge Factory’s penuche fudge online then you are also supporting the bees. Did you have a good Penuche Day celebration? Tell us your story in the comment section below!

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