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Pumpkin Pie Fudge - The taste and smell of New England in the Fall

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The time for Pumpkin Pie Fudge is here! Let me describe what Pumpkin Pie fudge means to me. Pumpkin pie fudge, made with real pumpkin, butter, New Hampshire honey, and cane sugar, IS to me the essence of a New England fall.

There is nowhere more spectacular on the planet to be during the Fall than New England. The sights, sounds and smells are hard to beat. The days are often still warm and sunny but without the intense heat and humidity of high summer. The leaves are turning to spectacular reds, golds, purples and yellows. The nights are cool but still the sound of the crickets and peepers serenade a romantic candlelight dinner in the garden. Purple asters are profuse and mingle with the golds and yellows of wild buttercups and golden rod. It's as if nature is determined to go out with a blast.

And there in the vegetable patch are the pumpkins. They don't have to be prize winning big to ooze charm. There they wait to be plucked from the garden and turned into Pumpkin Pie and, yes, Pumpkin Pie fudge.

The smell of woodsmoke, spices, apples ripening in the orchards, and pumpkin pie being baked are what I think of when I arrive outside The Mill Fudge Factory in Bristol Town Square. As soon as I get out of the car, the smell of pumpkin fudge being made meanders toward me, and I can't wait to taste the first batch.

If you want to celebrate New England in the fall, and especially if you live far away and can't visit, treat yourself and your loved ones at least to a taste of New England. When the pumpkin pie fudge arrives fresh from our kitchen, taste a bite and close your eyes as the buttery spicy pumpkin melts in your mouth - imagine the colors of fall, the smell of woodsmoke and the sounds of crickets - you will be here with us in an instant.

Is your mouth watering yet? Buy your pumpkin pie fudge here!

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