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How To Give a Fudge of the Month Club Membership As a Gift

Posted by Shannon on

A Fudge of the Month Club membership is truly the gift that keeps on giving. It is the perfect present as it is something that requires hardly any effort on your end but shows a great deal of thought.

1.What kind of fudge membership should I choose?

There are two kinds of memberships when it comes to our Fudge of the Month Club. First, there is our standard membership: the flavors are pre-determined but you decide how long the membership will last. For example, you can choose however many months you would like the recipient to receive fudge but they will get the flavors for the month(s) that they are a part of the club (if they are a member during December they will receive eggnog and holiday mint). Secondly, there are our customized memberships where both the flavors and length of membership are up to you. You can select from a length of three, six, or twelve months and choose the flavors each month.

2. How long should the membership last?

The length of the membership you give is completely up to you! Perhaps if you are giving a membership to a friend, three months will be just the right amount of time. For a family member or loved one, a longer membership like six or twelve months may be the right fit. Giving a membership to a real fudge fan? With the standard memberships you can choose an ongoing membership until you wish to cancel.

3.How much should I send them each month?

For both the standard and customized memberships, you can choose to send either a half pound of fudge or a pound of fudge per month. Either way, they will receive two flavors per month. Again, the amount of fudge you want to send is completely up to you and depends on the person who is receiving it.

4. How will they know what to expect?

When you order a Fudge of the Month Club membership, the first shipment will include a welcome letter which includes the length of the membership and also a calendar of fudge flavors for each month. Also, a ribbon of your choice and gift message can be included with the first shipment if desired.

5. When should I order a Fudge of The Month Club membership?

Anytime! But if you are giving it as a holiday gift be sure to specify the "Recurring Day" option no later than December 17th to guarantee arrival of the first shipment by Christmas.

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