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Historical Lineage Of Penuche Fudge

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The crafting of decadent desserts can be traced back to ancient civilizations, but when sugar was first manufactured in the middle ages, sweet desserts began to be enjoyed even if only by the wealthy. Fortunately we can all enjoy dessert and candy now! Speaking of history, The Mill Fudge Factory penuche fudge you know and love is derived from an old Scottish Tablet recipe. But how are fudge and tablet related?

Scottish Tablet

A Scottish tablet is a sugary treat made from butter, condensed milk and sugar all boiled together and then crystallized. The flavor is a sweet, rich caramel. The Scots have always been known for their sweet tooth. As early as the 1600’s when sugar was first imported from the West Indies, the Scots have been boiling up sweet concoctions. To this day boiled sweeties are no different than when they were made in Victorian times by the ‘Sweetie Wives’ and sold on the streets. The term ‘Sweetie wife” in modern day Scotland is used to describe a woman who loves to gossip. Scottish tablet was first mentioned in a household account book in the 18th century owned by Lady Grisell Baillie and it’s caramel buttery taste is still loved above all other confections in Scotland, to this day.

Mill Fudge Factory’s Penuche Fudge

Our recipe for penuche fudge originated from the simple Scottish recipe for tablet. We added pure local honey instead of spoiling the flavor with corn syrup. Our penuche fudge has a rich caramel flavor with no weird corn syrup induced after taste. The sweetness is not overpowering so many people who say, “ I don’t like fudge” are surprised to discover that they love, The Mill fudge Factory fudge. While traditional fudge tends to be very soft, our penuche retains a medium body but with some substance. It won’t crumble in your hand, but it’ll melt in your mouth. It is smooth, but not like frosting; it is textured, but not grainy. You’re in for a real treat.

We are proud to have adapted our penuche fudge from such a historic and traditional treat such as Scottish Tablet. Order some penuche fudge online in celebration of National Penuche Fudge Day, today July 22!

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